39 Stonewall Drive, Livingston

‚ÄúSelling a house and then buying a house can be one of the more stress-filled activities that one goes through. For a variety of reasons, there are a many potential places where the deal can go south. The ideal realtor is as much a psychologist and decorator and friend as she is a businesswoman, real-estate expert, and source for getting things fixed. Lisa Lang is the ideal realtor. Everything she promised, she delivered. All of her key analyses (about price, market trends, potential target audiences) were spot on. Once we had a buyer, Lisa held our collective hands (which in and of itself was quite a feat since together we had four hands and she only had two) and navigated us through all the interim issues that arose. Thanks to her constant attention, the deal never falted. When we had a question or an issue, she was always there. When we didn’t have a question or an issue, it was still nice to know she was there.Lisa is engagingly positive, smart, and trustworthy. And, she absolutely is a walking Google: Want to know the best carpenter who won’t cost you a fortune? Ask Lisa. What about a doctor nearer where you are moving. Same answer. Actually, Google is a walking Lisa Lang.

But, if you are looking to buy, or to sell, and you want someone who you can completely depend upon, who will never let you down, and always be there from the very beginning, until the very end, you just can’t do better than Lisa Lang. She delivers.

— Anne and Mark Effron